Monday, March 16, 2009

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg presenting at Lander College for Men


Around 30 students attended our Lander College excursion, where we talked about tilapia, trout, basa vs flounder, and salmon. A good time was had by all, especially me!!!
You can hear it by following the link here!

Lander College for Men 75-31 150th Street Kew Gardens Hills, NY Tuesday, March 17th from 5-6pm

Given by
Rabbi Chaim Goldberg, Shlita
OU Fish Rabbinic Coordinator

Come one, come all!!!


Dr. Avraham Goldstein said...

Dear Rabbi Goldberg,


By mistake I have bought Basa fish in an Associated Supermarket and cooked it. For some reasons I was assured that it is kosher.

Several days later I suddenly was told that it is probably not kosher. I did some basic research online and found-out that it does have very small scales, but is still listed as non-kosher because they can not be removed without tearing the skin [as RAM"A brings up in Iore Dea in the name of Maggid Mishne and Maggid Mishne quotes Ramba"n on it].

Pithei Teshuva brings from Noda BeYehuda Tanina that if one can in ANY WAY EVENTUALLY remove the scales by hand the fish is kosher.

My question is: Can I rely BEDIAVAD that the fish was kosher in order not to through-out kellim? If not, should I also through-out all the kellim on which I have a safek? Should I through-out kellim which were washed in hot water with the pen in which the fish was cooked?

Thank you VERY MUCH


Avraham Goldstein

Dani said...

Hi! I know this is from ages ago. I tried following the link to see the presentation but there was nothing there.
At any rate, loved the articles!