Friday, July 28, 2006

A hair-raising experience: Inviting Rabbi Goldberg to speak about fish?

If anyone is interested in inviting me to speak on the topic of kosher fish (and to demonstrate how to check a fish for kosher simanim), or on any other topic on kashrus, drop me an e-mail. There is no charge for the service, though travel expenses are not necessarily included (hey, I can't exactly walk to Saskatchewan).

So far I've been invited to (all in Brooklyn, NY):

Stoliner High School

Nefesh Academy

Sinai Academy

Yeshiva/Kollel Ruach HaTorah

Evening Program at Agudath Yisroel Beis Binyomin

Mesivta Tifereth Jerusalem (MTJ)

Schools are obviously an option, though shuls and learning groups are great places to demonstrate on fish as well. The program is fun, entertaining and well received. Hope to see you!

Oh, bring clips for your yarmulkes. Or a really big hat...